<![CDATA[stamfordpaintingpros.com - Blog]]>Thu, 11 Nov 2021 04:25:39 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas You Can Do On a Budget]]>Fri, 22 Oct 2021 18:33:24 GMThttp://stamfordpaintingpros.com/blog/5-kitchen-renovation-ideas-you-can-do-on-a-budgetThey say home is where the heart is. And we believe the pulse of the heart is right in the kitchen. The kitchen is where everyone gathers. It's where we eat, talk, laugh, and just enjoy each other's company.
Because we spend so much time in the kitchen, it experiences a lot of wear and tear. Or in some cases, it has just become old and outdated.
Whatever the case, giving your kitchen an upgrade is not as complicated, or as expensive, as you might think.
Here are 5 kitchen renovation ideas you can do on a very tight budget.
Install a New Sink
A stainless steel sink can do wonders for your kitchen. It's sleek, modern, and quite handsome. Pair it with a single handle faucet and you will have yourself a match made in heaven.
Make sure the faucet has a high arc spout and the ability to swivel 360 degrees. This makes rinsing your dishes quick and easy. 
Add a Breakfast Nook
You don’t need a lot of space or money to make this happen. All you need is a little creativity. If you have a small corner in your kitchen that has been severely neglected, consider adding a breakfast nook.
Doing so will make the space more functional and lounge worthy. All it takes is a table, which you can find at any bargain furniture store, a bench for sitting, and a few throw pillows for decorations.
Upgrade The Lighting
The right lighting can take a room that is dark and draining, and turn it into something that is bright and beautiful. You can add new lights to the ceiling, and under the cabinet. You can even install dimmers which will allow you to better control the atmosphere.
For more ideas check out some of the latest lighting trends.
Add Cabinet Liners
Adding cabinet liners is a great way to refresh the inside of your cabinets. This kitchen renovation is probably the least expensive one on the list. It is also the easiest to implement.
If you have weathered wood, cabinet liners can help cover it up. Cabinet liners are also great for protecting new cabinetry. They will help keep the everyday wear and tear to a minimum.
Update The Cabinets
There are a lot of little things you can do to update your cabinets. You can paint them, add new handles, or completely gut them and start anew. Since you’re on a budget, we recommended sticking with the first two options.
Completely gutting the cabinetry can end up costing you way more than you expected. And truth be told, you don’t need to do that to change the look and feel.
With the right color you can make your cabinets look brand spanking new. Add in some modern handles and people will think you spent thousands upgrading your kitchen.
As you can see, kitchen renovations don’t have to be expensive. No matter how tight your budget, you can find a way to do something amazing. All it takes is a little creativity.
<![CDATA[3 Fun Ways To Make Your Home Office Pop]]>Wed, 20 Oct 2021 17:41:58 GMThttp://stamfordpaintingpros.com/blog/3-fun-ways-to-make-your-home-office-popYour home office space should be both comfortable and inspiring. When you walk in it should bring a smile to your face and make you want to get down to business. The problem is, most home offices are the complete opposite.
They are boring, draining, and make you want to run away. The good news is, spicing up your home office space is a lot simpler than you think.
Here are 3 fun ways you can make your home office pop:
Add New Furniture
Furniture is something that can completely change the look and feel of any space. And the best part is, you can be as creative and innovative as you want. You can do something that is stylish and modern, or you can focus on comfort and cool.
For inspiration look at the latest furniture trends. Be sure to keep things balanced as you don’t want to overdo it and make the space too busy. 
Add a Splash of Color
Painting is probably one of the easiest, and least expensive, ways you can spice up your home office. You can literally paint one wall in your office and it will completely change the look and feel of the space.
Or you can repaint the entire space. What you do is completely up to you.
The colors you use will of course depend on the feeling you are trying to create. For example, if you want a calm atmosphere, opt for a combination of greens, blues, and browns.
If on the other hand you want something that is fun, playful and bold, go with red and orange. Want the room to feel happy and optimistic? Add a splash of yellow.
While paint is a great way to upgrade your space, there is one piece of advice you need to keep in mind. Do not go overboard with color.
Adding too many colors could end up backfiring and turning the room into something that is a sight for sore eyes.
Painting is a DIY project you can do yourself. However, if you want to make sure it looks clean and sleek, consider hiring a professional home painter.
Install a Whiteboard
If you run a business you know how important it is to have time to brainstorm new ideas. With a whiteboard you will have a fun and interactive way to do just that.
With a whiteboard you will be able to write out your ideas just like you would on a piece of paper. The only difference is they will be on a big whiteboard in front of you.
Seeing your ideas in this way can help give you a new perspective. It gives you a more visual representation of what you are trying to do.
As a result your idea becomes more real. And the more real your idea, the more motivated you will be to work on it.
Whiteboards have a way of making you more productive. And when you are in business for yourself, being productive is extremely important.
And there you have it! 3 simple ways you can add a little pop to your home office space.
<![CDATA[Simple Room Design Ideas For The Teenager In Your Life]]>Wed, 20 Oct 2021 17:26:46 GMThttp://stamfordpaintingpros.com/blog/simple-room-design-ideas-for-the-teenager-in-your-lifeA great way to allow a teenager to express their creativity is by giving them the freedom to design their own room. Now this doesn’t mean the room will turn into complete chaos. It simply means the space will be something that is created for them, and by them.
One simple way teenagers can design their room is by painting the walls a new color. To help you guide your teenager a bit, here are a few simple room design ideas they are sure to love.
Room Design Ideas For Girls
When it comes to design, girls usually opt for the bolder colors. Colors that tend to make a strong statement. Colors such as red, lime green, lavender, and white.
Girls also tend to be a little more experimental. They will try different designs and color patterns until they get the look they want. 
Room Design Ideas For Boys
Boys tend to be more laid back than girls. The way they decorate their room reflects this. And while they might like colors, those colors will be on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.
With boys there will be no bold, bright colors. Instead the colors will be cool and bold.
For instance, if a teenage girl paints her walls blue, it will probably be a light blue. A boy on the other hand will use a dark solid blue such as navy.
When picking colors for a teenage boys room, opt for something that is modern, yet young. You want to allow for creativity while still keeping it classy.
It's a delicate balance, but it can be done.
Neutral Room Design Ideas
We now live in a society where everything is gender neutral. This means your child might not want something that is tailored to their gender.
Neutral designs are great because they can work for anyone. It doesn’t matter if they are a boy, girl, young, or old. Neutral designs are just that, neutral.
With neutral designs the colors used will usually be blues, whites, browns and tans. In some cases black is also used.
The tricky part is knowing how to combine the colors to make something that’s neutral yet classy.
At the end of the day, designing a teenagers room should be fun. While you don't want to let them go crazy with their ideas, you do want to ask them for their input. Keep in mind this is their room.
They will spend a lot of time in the space so you want it to be comfortable for them. For a little inspiration, go to Pinterest and look up room design ideas for teenagers.
There you will find images of different design ideas other families have done. You can also look up the different trends for the year. These things can help serve as a guide for both you and your child.
If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional. They have the skill and experience to help your teenager bring their amazing vision to life. 
<![CDATA[How To Remove Wallpaper Without Ruining Your Walls]]>Wed, 20 Oct 2021 17:25:01 GMThttp://stamfordpaintingpros.com/blog/how-to-remove-wallpaper-without-ruining-your-wallsReady to get rid of that old wallpaper? Well you have come to the right place. Depending on how long you have been in your home, there is a good chance your wallpaper is now out of style.
And while you may be tempted to just rip it off the wall, that is the worst thing you can do. Doing so could actually cause a great deal of damage.
To help you remove the wallpaper without ruining your walls, we have put together a few steps you should follow.
Step #1 - Get The Tools You Need
The first step is to gather up all the tools you need. You will need 7 tools to get this project started:
Wallpaper roller remover
Scrub Brush
Water Bucket
Trash Bags
Blue Tape
Spray Bottle
These are the only 7 tools you will need to get started. You may also want to get something to cover your floors.
Step #2 - Prep The Area
Before you can do any real work, you need to first prep the area. Anything that’s on the walls, pictures, nails, shelves etc., need to be removed. Once everything has been removed, take the blue tape and cover up the baseboards and wall sockets.
Step #3 - Score The Wall
Scoring the wall simply means cutting through the wallpaper so it can be removed. This can be done with the wallpaper roller remover. Scoring helps you get under the wallpaper without damaging the wall.
Be sure to score the entire wall evenly before moving to the next step.
Step #4 - Spray The Wall
Now that you’ve scored the wall with the wallpaper roller remover, the next step is to spray it with a removal solution. You can find the solution at your local home improvement store.
Make sure the solution is warm as this will help loosen and break down the glue. Once you have sprayed the entire wall, let it sit for 10-15 minutes. If you try to peel off the wallpaper too soon you will end up with a bunch of patches left behind. So be patient!
Step #5 - Start Peeling
Now that the solution has sat for 10-15 minutes, it's time to start peeling away the wallpaper. As you go, feel free to use more of the removal solution if you need to. The goal is to remove the wallpaper without damaging the wall. This will take time, but it can be done.
Depending on the size of the wall, it may take up to an hour or two to peel away all the wallpaper.
Be sure to put all removed wallpaper in a trash bag immediately. Otherwise it can ruin your floor.
Step #6 - Clean Up
Once all the wallpaper has been removed, there will still be some glue left on the wall. Use the scrub brush and some warm water to clean it up.
Follow these 6 steps and you should have a pretty seamless wallpaper removal process. If however you feel it might be too much for you, contact a professional painting company CT. They can have it done for you within a few hours.  
<![CDATA[How To Find The Best Painter In Your Area]]>Wed, 20 Oct 2021 17:22:55 GMThttp://stamfordpaintingpros.com/blog/how-to-find-the-best-painter-in-your-areaAs you probably know, there is no shortage of painters available in your area. However, you don’t want just any painter. You want the best painter. You want someone who can deliver amazing results that you will be happy with.
So now the question is, how do you find the best painter in your area? To help you with this process we have put together a list of 3 simple things you need to do to feel confident about the painting professional CT you choose.
Let’s dive in…
Read Customer Reviews
There are a lot of different things you will want to consider when choosing a professional painter to work with. Reading customer reviews will help you better understand how the company operates. It will also give you an idea of the overall experience previous customers have had.
While all reviews can be helpful, focus on the more recent reviews as they are the most relevant. 
Look At The Company History
If a company has been in business for 10 years or more, that’s a good sign. The good companies always shine. The bad ones will quickly fade away.
When exploring a company's history, be sure to check for any state licenses that are required to do business. If a company is not properly registered, and doesn’t have the needed licenses, that’s a sign you don’t want to do business with them.
Only work with a company that shows they have the standards required to do good business.
Ask Plenty of Questions
Once you’ve narrowed your search down to the top few, you should contact each one and ask any questions you may have. You can even request a consultation if that would suit you better.
Chances are there will be some questions that your research can’t answer. That means you will need to speak directly to someone at the company.
You can either call, email, or go in personally. No matter what option you choose, the goal is to make sure you are picking the right candidate for the job.
Write down all of your questions before contacting any company. This way you can go down the list and be sure you don’t miss anything.
Contacting the company to ask questions will do two very important things. It will help you see how they handle customer service, and how they communicate.
If you are comfortable with what you hear, you can hire the company on the spot. Keep in mind, skill isn’t everything.
Yes, you want to work with a company that can do the job effectively. But you also want to work with a company that treats you as the customer the right way.
Last but not least, never make your decision solely on price. It's understandable if you want a great bargain. However, don’t be so focused on getting a bargain that you sacrifice quality.
When it comes to paint jobs, in most cases you will get what you pay for. So don’t look for the cheapest price. Look for the best painter at an affordable price. 
<![CDATA[3 Simple Strategies That Will Help You Save Money On Your Next Home Renovation]]>Wed, 20 Oct 2021 17:19:57 GMThttp://stamfordpaintingpros.com/blog/3-simple-strategies-that-will-help-you-save-money-on-your-next-home-renovationWhen you start a new renovation project, the cost can quickly get out of hand. And at some point during the process, you start to look for a few ways you can save some money.
The good news is, there are quite a few things you can do to save money. Below you will find 3 simple strategies that will help you keep more money in your pocket on your next home renovation.
Set a Budget and Stick To It
Renovation costs often get out of hand because there is no budget to follow. That’s why the first and most important thing you should do is set a budget. Figure out how much you can afford to spend on your renovation.
Before you pick out any items, or approve any designs, get clear about how much you can spend. By getting clear we mean set a specific dollar amount. This way you will be able to make choices that fit within your budget.
Once you set a budget, be sure to stick with it. 
Be Patient
Most people go over budget because they are rushing. They want to gut everything and they want to do it now. Trying to do everything at the same time can be extremely overwhelming. And because you are overwhelmed, you end up making bad choices.
The end result is a lot of disappointment….
So be patient. There is no need to rush. Start with one room and finish it first before moving on to the next. Prioritize what will be the most difficult part of the project, and do it first if you can.
Doing it this way will prevent you from having multiple unfinished projects. Also, as far as budget goes, working on one project at a time makes it a lot easier to stick with your budget.
Do It Yourself
When it comes to home renovations, one of the biggest expenses you will incur is the cost of contractors. And depending on the type of work being done, you can easily spend tens of thousands on contractors.
Now before you ignore this tip, please understand we are not saying you need to go learn how to install drywall. 
Regardless of how skilled, or unskilled, you think you are, there are some things you can do yourself.
For example, there is a lot of prep work that goes into a home renovation. You could offer to help with the prep work in exchange for a discount on the overall cost of the project.
Some of the things you can do include helping with demo, cleaning, and preparing surfaces. If there will be a new paint job, you can prep the walls before the painting contractor Stamford comes in.
Keep in mind you will be paying by the hour. So anything you can do will lower your overall costs.
If you plan on doing a lot of work yourself, please make sure you know your limits. There are some things that legally can’t be done unless you are properly licensed. Only stick with what you know you can do.
Doing so will help you keep more money in your pocket. 
<![CDATA[3 DIY Home Projects You Can Do In a Weekend]]>Wed, 20 Oct 2021 17:16:57 GMThttp://stamfordpaintingpros.com/blog/october-20th-2021Looking to tackle some home projects in your spare time? Well you’re in luck. There are literally hundreds or different things you can do to upgrade your home. And the best part is that many of them can be done in as little as 2 days, and they don’t require any professional contractors.
So if you’re looking for a fun way to add a little spice to your home this weekend, here are 3 really great ideas.
#1 - Make Your Own Wallpaper
If you know anything about wallpaper, you know it can be a bit expensive. If budget is a concern, you will love this DIY project. Making your own hand painted wallpaper is fun and affordable. All you need is a gallon of paint, maybe two, and a level to draw the vertical lines.
If you don’t have a level you can use scrap wood. Take two pieces, cut them at an angle, and then glue them together. This will give you a template to make your pattern.
Now that you have the tools, you can start the process. The first step is to draw the design on the wall using a pencil. The second step, which is also the last step, is painting. Once the design has been drawn, you can start painting it in. 
#2 - Build a Garage Shelf
Is your garage super cluttered and unorganized? If so a garage shelf may be just what you need. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. All you need is a few pieces of plywood and you will be good to go.
Start by attaching a frame to the wall. This can be done with your basic 2 x 4 lumber. Depending on the number of shelves you want, you will need between 4 and 10 pieces of lumber.
Once you have attached the frame to the wall, cut the plywood and start lining the shelves.
#3 - Add Trim Above Your Cabinetry
In most homes, the kitchen is the place where the family gathers on a daily basis. Because of this, there is a lot of wear and tear that takes place in the kitchen.
If you’re looking for a simple way to bring new life to your kitchen, consider adding trim above the cabinetry. It may sound difficult, but trust us, any DIY novice could do it.
The first thing you will need to do is purchase the supplies. This would include molding, trim, and paint. Make sure you match the paint correctly as it will need to be the exact same color as the cabinets.
If you aren’t sure of the exact color, chip off a small piece and take it to the paint store with you. They will be able to make the exact color you need.
Once you finish with the trim and molding, it should look like the cabinets extend all the way to the ceiling. It should be seamless.
Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may want to set aside the entire weekend to get this done.
And there you have it, 3 DIY home projects you can do this weekend!
<![CDATA[4 Paint Colors You Should Never Use]]>Wed, 20 Oct 2021 17:14:08 GMThttp://stamfordpaintingpros.com/blog/4-paint-colors-you-should-never-usePainting is by far one of the best home renovations you can do. Not only is it affordable, but it is a simple way to bring a fresh look to any room in your home or office.
The problem is, finding the right paint color is not as easy as it seems. And while the goal is to liven up the room, if you pick the wrong color the opposite will happen.
Ideally you want a color that is bold and bright. Something that compliments the space beautifully.
Now as you can imagine, there are literally hundreds of colors that can fall into this category. Instead of trying to list all of them, let’s focus on a few that you should avoid.
Please note, whether or not you should use a color depends on the space it will be used in.
White is a very popular color that people love to use. It's sleek, clean, and can pretty much work in any space. White walls also easily attract dirt. And keeping them clean can be a bit of a challenge.
This is why you should avoid white walls in areas such as the bathroom. You should instead opt for darker colors such as soft grays and light blues.
Red is a very bold color that can really make a room pop. Especially if it's used for an accent wall. It's the type of color that can stop people in their tracks. It's also a very intense color that can garner a strong reaction.
This is because the color red is often associated with anger. It's not a color that promotes peace and tranquility. You should therefore avoid using red in the bedroom, or any space that is meant to be calm and peaceful.
When used correctly, brown is a really amazing color. When used incorrectly, brown can be the worst color of all. You really have to understand the different hues when it comes to this color. Some hues can make a room look dark, dirty, and scary.
You should never use any shade of brown in the bathroom or living room. However, it would be the perfect color in an office.
Similar to brown, there are a lot of different hues of the color green. This is what makes it such a tricky color to use.
Some greens are very bright and vibrant. Other greens on the other hand are very dark and tacky. Green can either liven up a room, or overpower it.
In all honesty, it's very difficult to make green look good on walls. You will have to understand colors and design to make green work.
If painting and colors is not your area of expertise, its best to avoid green altogether.
As previously stated, whether or not you use a particular color will depend on where you plan on using it. If you are unsure about a color, take the time to speak with a professional. Doing so can save you both time and money in the long run.
<![CDATA[Should You Hire a Professional Painter? - 3 Reasons You Should]]>Wed, 28 Jul 2021 01:19:00 GMThttp://stamfordpaintingpros.com/blog/should-you-hire-a-professional-painter-3-reasons-you-shouldWhen it comes to painting a home, most homeowners are tempted to do the job themselves. The problem is, if you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up costing yourself a lot of money in the long run. 

That’s why hiring a professional painter is a smart investment. With a professional painter you can be sure the job will be done right. And if there are any problems, the company will be responsible for fixing them. 

While paint is fairly inexpensive, that doesn’t mean it's cheap. The last thing you want to do is go through several gallons of paint only to find out you skipped an important step. 

If you are considering painting your own home, here are 3 reasons you may want to consider otherwise.

Reason #1 - To Save Time

Painting is not something that can be done in an hour or two. For most homeowners, it can take them several days to get the job done. This is because they are usually distracted by a variety of other things going on in the home.

A professional will be there for one thing only. And that is to paint your home. Because they are focused on just one task, they can usually complete a paint job in a maximum of 2 days. 

Hiring a professional will therefore save you both time and trouble.
Reason #2 - They Will Already Have The Right Tools

Painting your home requires more than just a bucket of paint. You will also need brushes, trays, tape, and more. If you have never painted before, chances are you don’t have any of these tools. 

So not only will you need to purchase the paint, but you will also need to purchase the tools. That’s another expense you can easily avoid.

A professional will already have all the tools needed to complete the job. You just pay their fee and they will take it from there. 

Reason #3 - They Know The Best Paints To Use

There are so many different types of paint that can be used to paint a home. If you have never painted before how will you know which one to use? The answer is you wouldn’t. A professional painter on the other hand would. 

They will examine the walls and surfaces that need to be painted so they can determine the best type of paint to use. In some cases they will even switch from one type to another. These are things the average homeowner wouldn’t know to do. 

Painting a home is more difficult than it may seem. Especially if you have no experience in doing this type of job. While I applaud you for wanting to give it a try, it may be best to leave this one to the professionals.

Not only will it save you a great deal of time, but it will also save you money in the long run. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact a professional painter today and let them help you beautify your home.
<![CDATA[How Long Should a Paint Job Last?]]>Wed, 28 Jul 2021 01:14:01 GMThttp://stamfordpaintingpros.com/blog/how-long-should-a-paint-job-lastThe simplest way to transform a room is to add a fresh coat of paint. And with so many different colors to choose from, the possibilities are limitless. You can literally create anything your mind can imagine.

But how long will that new paint job last? That’s probably the number one question homeowners ask after they have painted a room. The good news is, a good paint job can last several years. However, there are a few important factors that will determine the exact amount of time a paint job will last. 

Let’s dive in and talk about the top 3:


As the saying goes, location is everything. The location of the paint will greatly affect its lifespan. Take for example the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most used places in a home. The steam from daily showers will eventually take a toll on the paint polymers. 

Over time the bond the paint has to the surface will start to break. Once this happens you will notice the paint start to thin out. At this point the color will be dull and muted. 

You can expect the paint in a bathroom to last at least 3 years. Unless of course it's a guest bathroom that doesn’t get used very much. In this case it can last up to 6 years.
Paint Quality

The second factor that will affect how long a paint job will last is paint quality.  The quality of paint you choose matters. A high quality paint will have better binders than a low quality paint. 

Binders affect everything from the paints ability to resist stains and cracks, to how well it adheres to the surface of the wall. If you want your paint to last a long time, opt for a paint that has 100% acrylic binders. 

While high quality paints are more expensive, they are also more durable and easier to apply. If you aren’t sure what type of paint is best for your home, reach out to a professional painting company in Stamford

They will be able to help you pick the best quality paint for your project.

Paint Color

When it comes to paint, there are some colors that perform better than others. For instance, certain shades of white, blue, gray, and green tend to hold up well over time. This is because these colors are very versatile and can compliment a variety of different decors. 

You can change all the furniture in the room but keep the same color on the walls. That’s how versatile these colors are.

And there you have it. The 3 most important factors that will affect how long a new paint job lasts. Of the 3, quality is probably the most important. A good quality paint will be able to hold up even under the most strenuous circumstances.

And remember, if you need help picking out the best paint for your project, reach out to a professional painting company. They will be able to walk you through the entire process.